About Men In Training

Jim Slater, Founder of Men In Training Ministries
Jim Slater, Founder of Men In Training Ministries


For many years, the Lord has given me the desire to minister to men.  In March of 2003, the Lord spoke to my heart to

 “…gather, train, and equip My men…”. 

After much prayer, and Godly counsel, I announced the Birth of Men In Training Ministries.

God’s design is that the man be the spiritual leader of the family.  I believe that today’s Family in the U.S. as well as globally, is in grave danger of destruction due to the infections influence of the humanistic culture in which we live.   Our children are influenced more by their peers, music, movies, the Internet, and the media, than they are by their own family. 

 I also believe that Christian men truly desire to answer God’s call to lead their families.  Unfortunately, too many of us were not trained as boys and young men to assume this awesome responsibility. The Word of God is our blueprint for learning and understanding God’s plan for our life. God’s design is that we, as Christian Men, submit to Him, and in His strength lead our families as the Spiritual Head of the family.


“…to gather, train, and equip Christ’s men to stand as the Spiritual Leader of the family; to ‘teach what is in accord with sound doctrine'; and to ‘instruct men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and in sound faith, in love and endurance’. Titus 2:1,2 NIV


To serve the local church by under girding and supporting the pastor through the encouragement, exhortation, training, and equipping of men within the community.